Source is great

With plenty of time on my hands, I’m working through the Vista tutorial using Source and the associated stacks and it’s really good fun. I love the fact that there are so few built-in stacks but that you can achieve so much with them.

As a non-design type, I’m a great believer in pre-built themes and enjoy working within the restrictions associated with them, but there’s something about working with Source that’s so damn elegant.

My first Source site was a quick off-the-cuff as a favour to someone, but soon I’ll have my first proper one built and I’ll share it then.

Meantime, keep those Source tutorials a-coming!



I think that’s one of the things that struck me when I started to use Source. You don’t get bogged down trying to do what should be something very basic and as a result lose the fun and sense of satisfaction when you quickly achieve what you want to do.

The proof of the pudding with Source are all of the demo sites created with just Source which I am not seeing with any other framework.

In addition there is a raft of documentation to fall back on, a whole training academy, free and paid for projects and also a level of support available on this forum not you will not get anywhere else.

I will certainly be creating more tutorials and my list is growing daily.


Thanks a lot @rob.beattie 👍. Glad you are enjoying it. Another Academy course will hopefully be available fairly soon!

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