Source is really just 7 stacks

It occurred to me that Source is really just 7 stacks apart form the Settings stacks, meaning you only have to learn how to use 7 stacks.

However, the Image, Header, Paragraph and Button will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has used Stacks.

No other Navigation stack is as easy to use as the powerful Nav, so there is not much to learn there.

So, it is only the Container and Grid stacks that Source users need to learn how to use.


Source is incredibly well designed – even if you don’t have the addon stacks. Easy to get started and lots of features to experiment with, once you know the basics.

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I keep surprising myself with how much I can do with just the Source stacks. I tend to want my project files / courses to use only them as a base which forces me to try and think outside the box to create different layouts (like cards or pricing tables etc!).

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It’s interesting because you can build pretty much anything by just getting to grips with 2 stacks.

There does appear to be a tendenacy for the frameworks to get harder, bulkier and more complicated to use. I suppose that’s natural as you have to keep making them bigger and ‘better’ so that more people buy them. But whether they produce better websites I’m not sure. I like simple myself , I’m using Source more and more now , the academy is very useful and , if I’m honest , tipped the balance and allowed me to make the transition. Everything new can be tricky until it becomes a habit.
So yes it’s a two stack wonder ;)


There is also a misguided perception that if something doesn’t come in a box covered in tick box features, crammed with lots of stuff (you don’t need) and costs a great deal, that it is budget solution with little attention to function…

Source completely bucks the trend here and all credit to Stuart. Alternatively, Stuart could have charged several $100 for Source and created a mega PR launch with true promises of creating layouts that no other framework can create, faster than any other framework, easiest to learn, lighter than any other framework, built to be the most tolerant framework by not loading JS that might conflict with 3rd party code, etc…

Again, credit to Stuart for releasing this killer solution at at no cost.


I’ve nearly finished a simple site with Source and I really like it. One question: on the Lawyer demo page I like the way those panels ‘lift’ on hover. Is that effect achieved just using Source and the Add on pack?


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Yes - in the grid (and image) stacks there is a checkbox for ‘Raise on hover’. Checking that is all that is needed :)

Got it. I was using a 3 column stack (Grid) and couldn’t see that option there.



I have to say that the more I use this, the more impressed I am. I’m doing a district football site with it at the moment but after that will try it for a new business venture that I’m launching the new year. Lovely stuff.


Great to hear. Thanks a lot @rob.beattie