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Hi All, just experimenting with Source, liking it by the way. Just have two questions if any regular Source users know the answers. First one, to do a hidden navigation menu that slides on from the side is this doable in Source with the Source components or is usual practice to use third party Stacks from other developers. I did read in another post one of 1LD’s stacks being used for navigation. I have a bunch of different menu Stacks already from other developers so it is no great shake to use them, it just saves me chasing my tail figuring out navigation in Source otherwise.

Secondly, is the SVG Stack, I use animated SVGs a lot, if I get the Add On stacks for the SVG component does it preserve the aspect ratio responsively and can it handle the embedded SVG code for SVG animations? I don’t use external dependencies, all animation code is within the SVG file, my usual practice is to just copy and paste this code in to an SVG stack and all is bob on, is this the same for Source?

Thanks - Ben

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There is nothing in Source that can do this natively so a third-party solution would be required. There was an example on this forum i am sure of using Limelight from BWD to do this but i can’t seem to locate it.

Yep - should be absolutely fine to do that in the Source SVG stack (or even just the Source Coder stack or an HTML stack if you don’t actually need any of the SVG customisation options)

That’s the best way to do this by far.

Thanks Webdeersign and Habitual Shaker, that’s great to hear, thank you, I’ve got a stack that does sideways glide in so I’ll try that, it saves me messing about trying to build, and that’s great news about SVGs and after my experimenting I’ll look at getting the Add Ons. Thanks again - Ben

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