[Source] New project file - Freelancer!

Hi All,

To go with our v1.1 release of Source (which includes a nice filter function with the Grid Plus stack) we are releasing a brand new project file called ‘Freelancer’. The project file acts a modern landing page and portfolio.

As an added bonus we have tapped into the power of @tav’s magnificent Limelight stack and each of the portfolio/project items (which are sub pages in the project file) open in a stunning lightbox. It’s a great way to present project details like this.

Project preview

You can find more details about the project on our Academy page!

Any questions let me know.


Good grief, not finished the Vista project yet and another one comes out!

The filtering options built in to Grid Plus sound very interesting.

Also curious to ask when will you be releasing a level 3 project, and what sort of things could we expect from that?


I know. Relentless!!

Some crazy advanced layouts with Grid Plus! This Freelancer project begins to use some advanced things (like the overlapping quotes section) but the level 3 projects will be a step up again.

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Great stuff. A very adaptable project for many applications.

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