Source-Poster page updates

This page is interesting, I’d like to reproduce it, but I can’t figure out how.

I don’t understand how to use and setup Poster to do this.
Also the way the date scrolls on the updates, I really like.

But how to reproduce it all?


Hi @Gianluca -

I am actually pulling together a new collection of projects that focus on using third-party stacks with Source and this (or at least one very like it) will be one of the Poster 2 offerings.

Is there a particular bit that you can’t figure out? It’s really just a grid that is used to present the poster 2 content with the left (date) column made to be sticky on larger devices.



I understand, I’ll try to do some tests.
Thank you

That sounds like it would be very helpful. The Source Updates page is an excellent use of CSS Grid to present text in an easy to view and interesting way.

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