Source & TCMS?

Has anyone used Total CMS with Source recently - does it work ok? Are there any potential compatibilty issues?
If so, are there any other CMS options for a Source website?

Hi Jamie

I use Total CMS at source.
It is working fine.

However, when I set the CORE for Total CMS, the text gets smaller.

I use Foundation6 Swatches to set the smaller text.

Otherwise, use CSS to set the text.

I am Japanese and not good at English.
I used translation software.
Sorry my English is not good.

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thanks Taku, good to know it works. I can use CSS to set the text. Best wishes, Jamie


Glad I could be of help.

I have had quite a bit of help from Mr. Stuart.
He is a gentleman.

My website.

Top page

Pages using Total CMS

I would be honored to be of service.


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TCMS is great complex sites where a blog/blog functionality is needed.

If you need a simpler on-page editor Quick Editor does work well with Source too. I imagine EasyCMS (the more basic version of TCMS) would also work well too, if you needed more basic editing.

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Cool, thanks Paul - i’ve not seen Quick Editor before. It looks pretty good and may do the job for what I need. Thank you