Source v1.1.0

We have just pushed out updates to Source and Source Addon stacks and have bumped the release version up to v1.1.

The headline new feature in this update is for the Grid Plus stack which now ships with its very own filter system (in keeping with the whole ethos of Source it’s a really efficient CSS only filter!).

You can see the filter in action on our Academy page and also in our brand new project file ‘Freeleancer’.

There have been a ton of smaller updates since Source was released. You can see details of them all listed here.

For those that don’t know, Source is a simple (yet powerful!) ’micro’ framework that is really lightweight (fast!!) and uses only modern CSS to power its layouts (no Javascript or jquery is used for this - in fact only the Nav bar stack uses any Javascript at all!).

If you have already checked it out then please consider leaving us a like and/or review over at the RapidWeaver Community.

Any questions just let me know!


Hi Stuart,

Source looks great and just downloaded it.

A few questions please.
I would like to have the menu nav fixed to the top once you scroll up. I have tried with by settings “Fixed” and “Static” but neither seem to do this?
Sort of like you have it on your home page.

Also, I want to set an image as background to a container, is this possible? Can only seem to set colours for a container background. Have it using your Parallaxer stack, iIt sort of works but I want the nav bar to sit at the top over the image and then header and text in the centre of the image.

I have your Srcerer stack so might also try using that, but I want the header and text to parallax effect over the image.


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Hi @scottf - Thanks for checking it out.

I’d recommend BWD’s Chroma stack for the sticky nav bar. That’s what I use.

And you need Container Plus (in the Addon stack) for background images. But it doesn’t do parallax (only fixed) so if you want that then Paralaxer or Srcerer are both good options.

Any other questions let me know.


Great stuff…thanks for quick reply.

I have Chroma but never used it as seems quite complicated but I’ll have a play with that today.

Looks like add-on pack is necessary…so I’ll grab that too.

Cheers Scott

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If you are only using it to have your Nav bar be sticky then that is just a single setting in the stack. It can do way more than that though so worth playing with the other options when you get a chance.

Ok no worries, what settings do I put in your Nav stack so the Chroma colour settings take over?

This is sort of what I trying to achieve.


Just went back to look at my Lawyer project file to find that the Nav bar is no longer sticky since the Source update to v1.1.0 This confirms @scottf experience

It was working before the 1.1 update and although I realise that I have other alternatives, such as Chroma and about four others, it would be nice if I could at least use the Source branded Nav bar in Source! ;)

The Source Nav bar has never been sticky (like what Chroma allows you to do). Sticky is when the Nav bar starts down the page and then sticks to the top.

I may well have broken the fixed option (where it just sticks to the top at all times). Am away for the day but will check this as so as I can.


You are absolutely right, I meant fixed, but obviously English is my second language, gibberish is what I communicate in these days. 😳

Hi Stuart,

Ok working my way through Source and getting my head around it…really is fairly easy…very well done mate, but I’m still learning.

So, I’ve got the nav bar transparent using Chroma but when we scroll further down the next lot of containers float over the top of my nav bar.

Here is link to my test site.

I have increased the z index on both Chroma to 9999 for Static and also Fixed positions and also the z index for Source Nav to 9999 as well.

Also, I’m getting a weird effect when hovering over the 3 grid images, they sort of disappear??

Any thoughts please??

Cheers Scott Scott

Chroma index settings

There is a Container holding the first header (I think) that has it’s z-index being set to 0. If this is cancelled, then it all works.

I’m not sure if you are doing that, or it’s a Source setting, but I have never seen this using Source and frequently use Chroma without any issue.

Perhaps take Chroma out of the Container Plus.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your help.

There doesn’t seem to be any z index settings in the Source Container Plus option set.

If I take the Chroma and Nav out of that first Container Plus that has the forest image as background, then I lose the effect of having the nav menu float over the image.

Not sure if these Container type settings should be changed???

Hi - just on train so not had a chance for a proper look. But yes - take the Chroma out of the Container and then make sure Chroma is set to float above content. Will be back home in a couple of hours but I think that should fix things up.

Hi Stuart,

Thanks, sorry that you’re being interrupted on the weekend.

I’m trying that now but Chroma doesn’t seem to have a “float above content” setting?

When I drag it out of the Container Plus it sits above the image rather than floating over.

The effect that I’m getting is perfect is almost…except as we scroll further down we lose the nav menu as it falls behind the other containers…see Page 1 subpage on my test site.

Tried all index settings on the various stacks but still get the same issue of losing the nav menu behind the other containers so it can’t be accessed.


Back home now. @scottf Here’s the setting in Chroma that i’m talking about:


And @channonite - i do appear to have broken the fixed nav so will push out an update to fix that asap.


Ahhh…mate that is great.

Yep, I had that Static Position set to “Sticky” so I wasn’t being given the Overlay Float option.

That is looking much better, I’ve added a Chroma marker to set the change in background colour as you scroll down.

And that also fixed the weird effect I was getting on the grid boxes too.

I’ll continue my playing around…already loving Source!!

Sorry one more question…how do I have an image slider for a few images fading through on the background on a container? Does Container Plus have multiple image option? Doesn’t look like it.

Does Srcerer or Parallaxer have multiple image options?

Thanks again.

Cheers Scott

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Source doesn’t come with a slider. I left out specialised stacks like that (and Tabs, Accordions etc) so that people could just use which ever ones were their favourites. There are a lot of good ones out there. I think there might be a forum post on here somewhere about some recommended sliders.

Have you got any (non-framework) sliders in your collection? (Parallaxer and Srcerer both just display a single static image)

And v1.1.1 out now with a fix for the fixed nav bar issue!!

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Hi Stuart,

Yes, I’ve got a few image sliders…quite like JW Impact and Nick Cates SuperFlex

Would I just place one of these inside the Container Plus?

I’ll have a play with those.