Source v1.2.0 available now

Hot on the heels of v1.1 there is already another big update to Source!

This release focussed on adding the most requested features that we have received since launch! Here are the headline additions:

  • There is now the option of adding a second accent (secondary) colour to the base stack. This is then available to use through all of the Source stacks.
  • You can now add multiple Container Base stacks to the page (for if you want / need to create different ‘sets’ of settings for the Container stacks to tap into)
  • All grid items (in Grid and Grid Plus stacks) can now be set to be links (you no longer need to drop a Container stack in for this purpose!)
  • And a whole new stack: Divider! (this is a new added extra in the Addon pack!). This provides all the same (and a few more!) divider styling options as we offer in the Markdown stack!

There have also been some boring bug fixes and code tidying up. Full release notes here.



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Great to see Source having so many updates and new features.


Indeed, new features rock. So long as they don’t take Source away from its initial aim.


Yep - 100% agree with that.

I feel like with v1.2 I have got Source to where it needed to be in terms of functionality. Will largely just be a case of maintaining / honing / optimising what is there now.


Just be sure then to say no to people like me, who keep asking for new features ;-)

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