Source v2 released

Hi all -

Have been making some improvements to Source and, as a few things have had to fundamentally change, it is being released as version 2.

It is a free update for all users and is available now (check for updates in RW)!

Key changes:

A big fonts revamp! Version 2 of the main Source stack now lets you select from a wider range of web-safe system fonts. The previous default font of Raleway has been removed (or rather moved - see more below) and custom / Google fonts can no longer be added here. The way I first set up Source to handle fonts has always annoyed me and this new approach is so much better (for performance and for flexibility going forward)!

New Custom Fonts stack (part of Addon Pack). It is in this new stack that you can add custom fonts (self-hosted, Raleway font, Google fonts or different system fonts). These can then be assigned to whatever elements you wish - either by selecting from a list or by adding your own selector(s). There is also some control over spacing that can be applied here too (line-height, letter spacing and word spacing).

A few other notable changes:

A v2 version of the SVG stack has been released which allows for tapping into more of Source’s colours. There is now the ability to control hover colour changes too along with a few new styling options.

Some built in column settings for Grid Plus Pro have been added. This will make it easier / quicker to select some common setups (especially for beginners). It is also a good way of learning the syntax used (which can be adapted and applied as your own custom column definitions).

Option for a secondary max-width value for Containers (set in the Source Base stack). Useful if you have a page that varies between 2 different max-width values.

The Markdown stack now allows you to override the font size for quotes and list items.

A couple of new ‘effects’ CSS classes have been added to allow for hiding/showing content on hover. See them in action in our latest project ‘Light & Shade’ (that will be released shortly)!

If you haven’t yet got Source why not give it a go? It has gotten a lot of love (and the base set of stacks is still completely free!).

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Source didn’t even need updating but there is some great new stuff in the new version.

That new Project ‘Light & Shade’ is very slick BTW. I see that apart from the images, home page is under 44Kb in size.

@habitualshaker You are a rare beast indeed, a RW developer who can also design and build the best looking projects, and it is this unique ability you have that makes Source so powerful and easy to use.


Thanks @Webdeersign! I learned RW using your Foundry projects so you can take some credit there ;)

Here are the full release notes for anyone interested.

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Just been checking out the new font system and it is a big update with loads of powerful options. Nothing else like this and it is all done within the stacks.

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The approach to fonts is a massive improvement. There’s a page on the Knowledge Base site about the new Custom Fonts stack:


Yes, love the new font improvements!

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👍🎉 grazie

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