Spam-safe form stack for Foundation

I need to use a contact form on my site. The site is built in Foundation.

I would appreciate your thoughts on whether using Foundation’s Form Base stack is safe, spam-wise? Or, should I use another stack (which one?)

Nothing wrong with the foundation form base, I use it all of the time, you can make a anti spam question field like “what is three + 2” as well

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Thanks, Scott. This is what I had in my mind before I posted my question and this is what I will do…

Guys, I still would like to hear, what is your preferred 3rd party form stack (keeping in mind spam safety) I could use with Foundation for my purpose—just in case—for now and for future projects…

WHands-down, no question about it- MachForm. It’s a stand alone 3rd party, so it’s not RW-specific. But, getting forms into a site is as easy as copying the code into an html stack, and adding a bit of code to the prefix area.

MachForms does everything the stacks versions do, plus a whole lot more. Want to give your client the ability to edit the form, including asking new questions (or edit/delete current one)? No problem. Need to incorporate logic (e.g., based on how a question is answered, display or not display a follow up question; depending on answers, e-mail the form to fldifferent people, etc.)? No problem. Do t want to ever mess with the dB after it’s created? No need to. Need to email a pdf upon completion, need a signature field, Need to authorize workflows, analyze results, incorporate PayPal, want results to flow directly into Google docs or a Google calendar? Easy. The list of features goes on and on.

They offer a self hosted version and cloud-based versions- I use the self hosted with an unlimited license. Last time I checked, I had over 60 forms in use, but it’s probably over 80 by now. (Not an affiliate link- I’m just a very happy customer).

Oh, and to answer your initial concern…it comes with three options for anti-spam!

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I’ve always liked Doobox’s Contact form

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Thanks, Dave. I agree about the power of MachForms. I just neglected to mention, that I don’t want any external services, scripts, etc. Sorry for that…

Now, that’s what I like. Looks like something I can use for various projects.

If anyone still has additional suggestions, let’s hear it.

Mike Yabreda at offers Formsnap and Formloom (now Formloom 4).
Not super cheap but you can do a lot with it.
And they have multiple anti spam possibilities to choose from.

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Thanks, @Capetom, already ordered Contact Form from Doobox (literally, few seconds before your post).

Any thoughts on FormsPlus from Chillidog (still interested on comments regarding anti-spam features)?

I have FormsPlus on a number of sites and have not once had spam.
The simple reason — there isn’t yet a Bot that can work its way through multiple steps!
For this same reason Formsnap/loom are also immune to spam.

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Thanks, Rob. I have actually bought FormsPlus as soon as it’s been released. At that time, I had no immediate need for a form stack, so I experimented on it only rudimentary. I recall having some sort of problems that were not solved/explained adequately by Greg, so I shelved the stack and never got back to it since. I think I will give it another try…

Rob D, you should most certainly take another look at FormsPlus. Any initial problems have been ironed out and it’s quite a brilliant stack.
And don’t forget that it can take information from S4S’s Calc stack too, making requests for specific quotes a breeze!