Special lightbox stack

In WordPress it is easy to find plugins (think “stacks”) that will allow you to show any image or video in a lightbox automatically. The only restriction with video is you need to put the video in a regular URL link, but the link opens a lightbox. (E.g. embeds stay as embeds)

This means no matter whether you have 1 video link or 30, the links will all auto-open each video in a lightbox.

That is, no need to apply this plugin for every single video. Done once for all of them.

@willwood has a stack named Litebox that does this, but only for images.

Does anyone know of a stack that would do similar for video links?

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Velvet might work for you.


or VideoWall

Do you have a working example? I don’t quite get what automatic means ? on page load or mouse over? I have Limelighted videos, but not sure what other functionality you need. They can be daisy chained too and light boxed into an external SectionsPro rather like video wall.

@Anugyan Automatic means any text link I have on the page that goes to Vimeo or Youtube will open up in a lightbox once clicked. So if you see a text link that is:

<a href="URLhereforVimeo-or-YouTube">text for link</a>

and you click it the video opens up. Notice all I have to do is add this link. I don’t have to designate it in any special way to be a lightbox individually as that has already been done for the whole page.

@Jonny5 Yes, that’s a good solution for some things. But in this case I don’t want all the videos collated into one group. I just want links to open lightboxed videos wherever those links may exist on the page. They don’t need to be all together.

For example, Elementor has this global setting:

But there are a number of other WordPress plugins that do the same thing.

Or put differently, a stack that does the same thing for videos that Will’s Litebox does for images:


(The part about the stack being free is unimportant, I’d be happy to pay for such functionality in a similar video stack.)

Or put differently again, here’s an example of one (of many) WP plugins that will lightbox videos based on a URL only: