Spell check while typing not functioning

I posted this query a while ago on the Realmac forum and received no response. That topic has since been closed.

Basically, in RW spell check while typing isn’t functioning. I can, however, check the text using the show spelling and grammar option after I’ve typed the text. The check while typing function works in Pages and Word, suggesting that the problem is restricted to RW.

Any thoughts?

Mojave 10.14.3 Dark Mode.
RW 8.1.6.

Yes. Confirmed. I’ve reposted it to the RW forum too with a bit more data and a ping to the developers. :-)

Thank you. I must admit that I found it odd that nobody else flagged it after my initial query on the RW forum. Perhaps there are a lot of spelling mistakes out there on users’ RW web pages!

Also, since posting that initial enquiry, I’ve noted the problem on other pages, including yesterday within the Poster stack.

The Styled Text —> HTML engine is part of everything in RapidWeaver. And the basic view that does this work was changed a bit in some fundamental ways in v8.1.
That will not just affect the poster stack, but every stack — or nearly that.

But the good news is that when the bug is fixed it should be fixed everywhere immediately.