Splider 1.5 - Grids and more!

Hi All -

I pushed a big update out for Splider stack earlier today. Our already very powerful slider stack just got even better with the addition of these new features:

GRID LAYOUTS: This update includes providing the ability to set out your slides in a grid layout. It’s a great option for certain types of content. Here is a demo to show a couple of approaches - 1 using a standard grid set up (2x2) and the other using a more advanced custom setup.

URL hash: You can now optionally add a hash value to any slide(s). This lets you set that slide as the active slide by passing the hash value into the url. As an example, this link will set the ‘Flash’ slide to be the active slide when you land on the page. This kind of thing is useful if you want to be able to direct people to certain slides or perhaps to have different starting content for different groups of people (based on where they are clicking on the link).

Check for updates in Stacks now to get 1.5 now. Not got Splider yet? Get 30% off until the 20th May with the code: splider-grid.



Wow. That is a big update.

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That’s fantastic, Stuart — what a great update!

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