Srcecer (WebP) il custom attribute

Where do I find the custom attribute in Srcecer (WebP)?
I wanted to insert this code

width = "300" height = "300" loading = "lazy"

but I can’t find where to insert it.

Apologies. I think there had been a bit of a regression with the last update. Please check for updates now (to v1.3.2)

Hi, I’m checking, unfortunately there are no updates.
Srcerer v1.3.1
Srcerer (AD) 1.3.0
Srcerer (Single) 1.3.0
Srcerer (WebP) 1.3.0

Sorry - try again now. I’m not having a good day :)

Thanks, everything perfect

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Hi sorry, I noticed some problems with mobile devices regarding the insertion of height and width values in the custom attribute, unfortunately they are displayed with wrong aspect ratio.

hi @Gianluca - can you try with v1.3.3? Selecting the ‘100% width’ option should now fix things if you use custom attributes to state a width and height.

version 1.3.3, setting 100% height and width solves the problem for images as large as the container that contains them.
If the container is set to 980px width, the image will be displayed (setting 100%) at 980px.
But if the image smaller than the container, the image expands to 100%.

v1.3.3, no custom attribute (the image is displayed perfect on every device)

v1.3.3, custom attiibute 100% (the image in the container is expanded to the dimensions of the container width i.e. 980px)

v1.3.3, custom attribute actual size of the image, example 339 x232, smaller than the 980px container (the image in mobile devices distorts)

Hi - v1.3.4. should fix that issue shown in your last example.

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Perfect Stuart, now everything seems perfect, thank you, for the great and speed of support in solving my problem.
Thanks again.

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