Srcerer and image sizing

I’ve got a grid with four images spread evenly across the screen, with each image being called using a Srcerer formula. I’ve supplied images for each of the default sizes in the Srcerer stack (with the exception of XXXL). My Macbook has a 1440px-wide display, but Srcerer seems to be pulling the 1920px-wide image from the warehouse. I’d think that it would be pulling one of the smaller images for a display of this size… am I setting something up incorrectly perhaps?

My site is at

My Srcerer setup looks like this:

You would need to set up some ‘Image conditions’ as well. The default assumption is that your image fills the available width on all screen sizes (100vw). Depends on how detailed you want to get but you could go with something like this:


Does that make sense?

It DOES make sense, and everything is working as needed! Thanks for the guidance.

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