Srcerer stacks WebP

Hi, I bought The Srcerer stacks right now.
I bought this stacks to work better even with webp images, unfortunately I can’t understand, from the site I thought there was a WebP stack but I can’t find it, someone can help me.

At point 3 on the Srcerer website it says:
-"3. WebP stack
This stack allows you to make use of the WebP image format. This format is well worth checking out if you don’t already know about it as the file sizes are tiny with no loss of quality. The stack also allows for a fallback image that would be used in browsers that cannot yet use WebP images (most now can though!).
Summary: Useful for a quick and easy image stack and for where there is no need to supply different versions / sizes of the image."-

Unfortunately I can’t find the stack.
Thanks for your help.

Hi - please check for updates in Stacks/RW. The webp stack was added later on and I guess I haven’t yet got round to updating the version on paddle. Apologies for the confusion.

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Thanks, I just did the update, found it. Thanks for all your wonderful stacks.