Srcerer WebP, maximum display width

Hi, I would like to ask if there is a possibility in “Srcerer WebP” to set a maximum display width. Example I would like to set the maximum width of the photos to 800px, is it possible?
Thank you.

(I tried to put the stack in a “Container Plus, but it turns out badly, problems with the” content ").

Hi @Gianluca - there’s no setting in the stack for that. it is assumed that you will be adding images that are big enough to fill the container that it is in. Controlling the container size should do what you need. What kind of issues were you seeing?

You can add some custom css if you like. If you wanted to apply a max-width to all srcerer images on the page then you could use something like:

.srcerer-img{max-width: 800px !important}

This would set the max width to be 800px and (by default) the image would be horizontally centred in its container.

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Thank you

With “.srcerer-img {max-width: 800px! Important}” it’s perfect.
I also checked again by inserting a “Container Plus” setting the measures, it works perfectly, it was just my mistake.
In practice I inserted a 1024px image with “add Content Below Card” preset 1, and I put it in the container plus setting the percentage of view. My mistake was that on large screens the% carried the image larger than it really was, so the edges and shadow were much larger than the image. Now I have realized that I am indeed a donkey.

So everything works perfectly, and “.srcerer-img {max-width: 800px! Important}” is an extra tip that I’ve already thought about where to use it.

Thanks Stuart, you are the best.

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Good news! Thanks for the update.

If ever you did need to use the CSS then i just realised that your image will be cropped (at the right on small devices). To get round that you could check the option for ‘Allow stretch / 100% width’ in the Srcerer image settings. Though this would then have your image left aligned on large screens - which you would need to deal with via some css.

Long story short - for now at least - you are perhaps best sticking with using a container to control the width of the images :)

Perfect, thanks again