Stack for tracking team attendance

I play on a men’s league basketball team and we’ve been using a little app to post the schedule and track attendance (if we don’t have a certain number of guys, our team captain will phone the list of subs/alternates).

Anyway, the app we use is kind of trash and most of the alternatives come with a monthly cost and I was curious if I could build a little site in RW to handle this.

The captain/admin would need to be able to add in all the game dates and the roster of players. The players would need to be to go in and mark Yes / No / Unsure, for each upcoming game. They wouldn’t need a login, per se, but that’s how most other apps/sites do it.

Any brilliant ideas?


That could work. If I managed to do something in RW then I could add in lots of other stuff (maps to the various gyms, game results, etc).

Just had a thought that G Sheets might work. I can test this out but curious if @weavium.plugins knows - could you set up a drop down list in a spreadsheet cell (Yes, No, Maybe) and have the user select it on the website?

Or booking stack?

I don’t think there is an easy answer or quick solution to this quite complex requirement using stacks. I have a bit of experience as an end user of gym booking Apps and there so far they have been pretty awful. You are dealing with users available time which is usually more important than money or anything else, and such a facility has to be flawless and work 100% of the time.

My advice would be to use an online system and absorb the cost somehow. At least you can blame it when it goes wrong.

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Also I just added Calendy to a site for a customer and they are really happy with it. Their requirement is slightly different in the they wanted to use it to allocate time slots for meetings with various members of staff, but so far they are pleased with it. There is a free and an $8/month option.


Or… And this most likely won’t work in reality, but in my head it might…

Setup a shared Google Calendar, allow subscribers to edit it. Have all players etc. subscribe and add it to their calendars. Event title: Game name or summit. Notes: List of players names. Players (subscribers) then edit the event accordingly, putting yes/no/maybe/doing my hair next to their name.

Display the whole thing on a webpage using Weaveriums* Kalendar stack.

I do something very similar for a fitness class with limited spaces, works well.

  • He makes some great stacks, but that’s a dreadful name, can never remember how it’s spelt let alone pronounced.

That’s a good idea. We ended up finding an app with a free plan that seems to suit our needs, so I won’t bother with a site.
If anyone else might need something similar, it’s called