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Hi everyone, I’m looking for a stack to insert in the pages created with Source that allows you to view md files that reside in “Repository”.
In practice, the site consists of a blog in “Poster” where the articles are read with the markdown folder integration, and the other pages of the site I would like to read / modify with md files that reside in “Repository”.

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To summarize:

  • You want a simple stack, where you put in the link to the markdown plain text file
  • this stack then takes the content of the plain text file and formats it to html, most probably with PHP

If @tav does not have anything like that, it should be possible to create such a stack for me and add it to the Repository stack or Poster stack.


I actually built a stack that did this but think I must still be on my previous machine as i can’t find it now.

You might check out this one though:

This guy built a lot of great little stacks back in the day and this is one of them.

That’s right, I would need this, a stack to insert into a page that reads the contents of a markdown file that resides in the Stack Repository.
It would be perfect if you put it as part of the Repository stack.
Thanks, paying, I would be grateful.

Thanks, in case you find the stack let me know to try it, the sites where I would like to use it are all in Source.
I’ll wait before I buy Cat, I would like to know if Jannis can implement something - paying for it - in the Repository stack.
Thank you for your suggestion.

I think for $5 you cannot do anything wrong. And you have it today ;)

More than anything else it would be perfect, and more reliable a stack built by you, Jannis. All your products are perfect. Only for this.

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I try this stack tonight.

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It will be interesting to find out how you get on.

Just for completeness, there is also this one


Very interesting, tonight I’ll give a glance first to this.

Perfect, that was what I was looking for.
Thanks @Tav

Hi, it doesn’t matter with the post, but I wanted to ask you if you use the integration of markdown folders in your project in Poster Demo5 | My Website
would the PROJECT24 keep the visual setting of how it is now?
Because I like it very much and I would like to use it as a product showcase to change all the PRODUCTS pages (GaSTRoNoMie | CSP), inserting your project24.
The problem is that I should be using external md files, which is why I’m curious how it behaves visually.

That project uses the Source Markdown stack.

However, the Source MD stacks could be easily replaced with the Bryn Owen Design Cat Stack to gain access to the loading of MD content from a folder or URL, feature.

If you go down that route just ask if you have any questions.

I have bought the Cat stack (stupid not to for £3.91) and will try it as soon as I get some spare time . It has some very interesting additional features such as optionally skipping the first x lines. Also it appears to have been in regular development over the last 6 years and is well documented with up to date screenshots.

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Perfect thanks, I will need the PROJECT24.
For the single markdown I was comfortable with weavers space, I will use this.
Bye and thanks for the info.

Just did a quick test with the Cat stack loading an MD file from a URL inside Poster2 as an Item content, and it works perfectly.

Jannis cleverly created the PHP Enabler to use inside Poster2, for applications like this. You need to put the Cat stack inside a Poster2 PHP Enabler stack.

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Thank you

Great and excellent work, everything works perfectly, for my needs it was enough to insert a Poster2 markdown-folder and everything was perfectly positioned by reading the Repository md files. No need for Poster2 PHP Enabler stack.
Everything is perfect like this.


Had a play with a few things yesterday around this topic and have come up with what i think is a rather nice solution.

I put together a new little stack called Markdown Link that pulls in a remote (or RW resources) md file - this can work as a standalone stack anywhere. The nice thing though is that I made a tweak to the Source Markdown stack so that this new stack (or another such as Cat) can get dropped into it - therefore giving all of the styling control that the Source Markdown stack offers.

I don’t think Markdown Link stack really fits inside Source (as it is a php based stack which none of the others are) so it would likely be a separate download.

I’m still putting some finishing touches to these but if anyone fancies having a test / play with it then please drop me an email or message me here and i can pass on the stacks.


Sounds great and a clever yet simple way to add remote files.