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Great solution, great

Great stack, Markdown Link works perfectly in a very simple and intuitive way.
Thanks to the Source Markdown stack (in the updated version) I can have complete control of the style, from the colors to the alignments by paragraph, title, link, dividers, dimensions, etc. of the Markdown Link.
I tried by inserting both in RW resources and in Repository Stack 2 the md and txt files to be read by the stack, all perfect, remotely modifying the txt and md files, the web page refreshes itself perfectly with the new contents.
A fantastic stack that deserves to be paid in the final version.


Hejsan is this stack available now?

Kind Regards Kent

Hi @Kent - I just made it available earlier today here. The latest version of Source (v2.4.4) is needed for the Source integration part - check for updates.

I was going to make it available for free but am instead charging a small amount for it (mainly to lessen any potential support burden). If anyone here would rather save themselves a few quid then message me and I will send it on for free (this week / pre-Xmas only).

@Jannis - happy to supply you with a coupon code so that Repository users could get it for free.


Yes, thank you, got it. In conjunction with Repository, this is awesome :-)

Kind Regards


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Just to double-check … having Bryn Owen’s ‘Cat’ stack already allows to use the Source MD stack with an external MD file and having the full Source style controls available, correct?

Your new Remote MD stack is ‘just’ another option out of your portfolio, or does it offer functionality beyond what’s possible with the ‘cat’ stack in ‘Source’ ?

yep - absolutely!

It processes Markdown Extra whereas Cat (like the built in RW markdown processor) just processes regular Markdown. There is also the option to add a wrapper div with an html tag, CSS classes and an ID. There is also an option to display a fallback / default message if there is no file / an issue getting the file.

But if you have Cat then i wouldn’t imagine that there is a need for this extra one too.


Thanks Stuart,

The clarification is very helpful, likely not only for me ;) In any case, it’s just a few pounds to provide an elegant solution for a dynamic MD display, which might already serve many simple CMS requirements.

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