Stack "Picture" upgrade

Hi everyone, here a new Stack “PICTURE”

Here a fresh stack called Picture, a smart image stack with customizable hover effects

This Image stack offers the ultimate solution to style customization on desktop and mobile .
You can customize everything according to your needs. Just look at the demos

Key Features

  • Add link to stack with hover effects
  • Set Max Width for tablet and phone.
  • Customize Borders and Shadow
  • Overlay with gradient and images
  • Change all styles and alignment on mobile
  • Change animation speed and behavior
  • Titles with custom font & colours


The effects are rendered in pure CSS3 to increase performances.


Wow, you are creating awesome stacks lately. Path, Borders, Dividers and now Picture. I really like these stacks. 👍
Must buy!.. 😉


You’re very kind! I’ve been working a lot lately, it’s true :)

I’m also working on optimizing all the stacks to make them work better and faster!

thanks again

New UPG 1.0.1 Available:

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