Stack similar to Yourhead Blocks Image Text block

Hello to all,

Received the all-is-good so now I can post. I posted this query on the RM forum but have had no nibbles. Is there a stack that can function the same way as the Image Text block - i.e. - take a string of text and convert it to an image? I am doing a site with problems and quizzes that will include specialized glyphs that I can type using unicode and I’d rather do it from within a stack as opposed to having to type externally and then convert to an image and import into my site.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Welcome, Slavi.

I’m sure there are some developers here who could make such a thing — in the meantime, though, have you tried the solutions here: Convert Text to an Image - Online Text Tools.


Thanks for the welcome Marten,

I have tried on-line conversion tools - the text I need imaged is a custom font so online conversion was a no-go. I can do the font in Pages, Keynote, etc…and then make a screen-grab, but with so many different questions it is very time-consuming and still requires using external sources. I was hoping for a stack that would keep me completely within the RW universe. For now I may have to use Blocks pages and import using PlusKit.

Hopefully some Stacks developer will take up this challenge - and I can be the case study!