Stack UPG "Quick SVG"

Hi guys! introducing Quick SVG


This is a pecial Stack and I worked hard to make it.
This stack allows you to use your SVG (and 25 Built-in Icons) to change its style and animate background & stroke.

Key Features

  • Scroll animations or static
  • Animated Stroke and Fill with Fade-in
  • Change animation speed and behavior
  • Customize Borders and Shadow
  • Set Max Width for tablet and phone.
  • Linear and gradient SVG Fill
  • Add link to stack with hover effects


Over 100 examples available and lots of SVGs to play with.


Furthermore, blank templates are available to import your SVGs.
This is not a drag and drop solution, this stack only uses the internal PATH of your SVG but that’s the only way to give it superpowers ! Relax, it’s easy, a guide is available for editing existing SVGs.

A special thanks to @Marten for the help !


Another winner! 💯

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@Anon Thanks a lot!
if you have any questions about editing SVGs, I’ll be happy to help.

Finally, a stack to animate SVGs with. Thank you—this is a much-needed addition to our stack arsenal. 🙂 I followed your instructions on your website and successfully animated a fairly complicated SVG.


Thanks a lot! this was my biggest concern and I did my best to explain how to do it.

SVGs are very versatile but perhaps a little complicated for those who don’t know XML.
You just need to know what to look for 🙂

BTW inkscape is the best free tool to edit SVG


Is there any way to make it repeat, or start when it comes into view?

You can run both, stroke and fade-in fill “in view” separately

2024-04-18 at 20.55.01

2024-04-18 at 20.55.20

A rewind option is not available but thanks for the suggestion!

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Yes, got it, Thank You, and it works perfectly, and a rewind option would be nice for example for a subtle svg in the background, or to restart a SVG animation when it comes into view again.

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@kent thanks for suggestions! I add your ideas to my list of possible improvements, now I would like to work on the guide to explain further ways to make the job easier.


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Sorry, it was not meant as a critique, just something I would like, if possible. It is a very useful stack, one that has been missing for a very long time. Thank you for providing this to us.

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@Kent any suggestions are welcome and your ideas make sense.
Now I would like to explain clearly how to use it, not everyone is familiar with SVG, yours was a confirmation and I thank you again :)

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New UPG 1.0.1 Available:

  • Solved issue in Preview Box Color
  • Improved smooth animation using Stroke Shadow
  • New Samples in demo project

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