Stacks 3.6.8?

When I started up RW this evening, a dialog box appeared asking me to update to Stacks 3.6.8. I don’t see any release notes for it at yourhead, so I was wondering what was in it.

@isaiah, can you shed some light on this?

There’s some info about 3.6.8 here

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There’s just one tiny change. But it is kind of important.

It’s to make sure that you don’t try to use Stacks 3 to open a project created in Stacks 4.

It’s never a good idea to use an older version to open any files created with a newer version. This goes for almost any app or plugin. There’s always some potential for data loss or data corruption.

But with Stacks 4 has a lot of new big features like Site Images and Externals that are saved to the project – Stacks 3 doesn’t understand what to do with those things.

If you do accidentally cross the streams like this, now you’ll just get a dialog box even before the file finishes opening. It helps you Quit quickly and cleanly before anything bad happens.

That’s the only change, though. And that’s on purpose. We’re going to try minimize changes to Stacks 3 for a bit. It’s good to have a nice stable build like this to fall back on during the first few chaotic weeks of a new major release.

And this release is HUGE. 😲

Stacks 4 comes out in about 8 hours. I’ve just spent the last day making sure the new build is ready and the new website is all set and about a thousand other little things too.

I can hardly contain my grin right now. 😁 I’m so excited.


Morning Isaiah, I’ll be buying S4 at release, but don’t want to install it for a while, as I’m in the middle of some big projects and can’t afford the time to work out any changes/issues I might hit.

I’m keen to buy on release to support you, but if there an option to delay install? I mean, is it an auto update with RW, or is it a DMG thingie that needs to be applied?

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No auto-update. You can do whatever suits you. There will be a pop up “hey a new version is out – look at all these tasty features” – but you can just close it and click the “don’t show me this again” checkbox.
Drop by my site and download it whenever you’re ready. No rush.

I usually don’t do an auto-update for a paid upgrades – unless there’s some mitigating circumstance – i do think i’ve done one that way for some reason – but the reason and which plugin it was totally escapes me at the moment.

To clarify, I can buy and pay you on release, get the download, then install at my leisure?



you can do them all separately or together.
today or next week.
or some of each.

or just download and play for a bit. buy when need it.

also: hey, thanks for the support. i really appreciate it. :-)

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Thanks for the info. I’m looking forward to Stacks 4 as well. Maybe not as much as you are, but some… :)

One quick thing about Stacks 4: I know it’s only one feature among many, but the site images thing is pretty big for me. Well, that and multiple selection…

It’s only been three months since I started using Stacks, and it’s nice to see improvements like this so soon.


@isaiah Looks like the timeframe for the 5.0 release is set 😅😅😅

if you mean 6 months – i think that might just kill me. 🤣😂😵

BTW, if you haven’t already seen it Stacks 4 is out now. You can read all about it at that link or just go Download it right now.

If you’re on the beta track – then it should auto-update to the latest beta track equivalent of Stacks 4.0


Just been watching the videos. Loving externals. Upgrade purchased.

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@isaiah just had a look before ordering FYI only went to link in footer to read manual and link takes you through to v3 not v4 as link suggests.
I will be upgrading tomorrow so THANKS for our brilliant work!

@PaulM - thanks for the tip. we actually know about this one. we’re still working on the updates to the manual. it usually takes Christi a few weeks longer than me to finish edits and get it posted. we don’t quite have the synchronization thing down yet – maybe another 10 years or so and we’ll get it. 😝

of course the majority of stacks still functions the same so the v3 manual is mostly still correct, but for the 5 big new features please refer to the videos on . but it shouldn’t be long. :-)

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