Stacks 4 — 5 Big Features – 5 Little Features

5 Big Features — 5 Big Videos

The Stacks 4 beta is almost ready – next week, I think. So everyday next week I’ll post a new video showing off one of the 5 big new features. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the videos nice and short.

I’ll post updates to this thread as more info, downloads, and betas become available.

But I want access right now

And you can have it too, but only if you really really want it. (see explanation/details in next post)
Get early access: YourHead Patreon

5 Little Features

For now, here’s a video of 5 Little Features:

When is the release version?

If you’re waiting for the full release (i.e. non-beta) version, hang in there. Now that we’re moving into the public beta phase, it shouldn’t be too much longer.

I’m cross-posting this to all the RW forums and groups to make sure everyone gets to see it. If, like me, you tend to read all of them, I apologize for the extra noise.

OK, let me take off the marketing hat for a little bit…

I get a lot of passionate requests for access to the private betas. All this enthusiasm from the Stacks community is amazing. You guys make it easy to put in the long hours to bring Stacks 4 to life. Thank you so much!!! 🙏

Unfortunately building early releases, updating bug-lists, and writing release notes requires a ton of extra time and energy. I’d love to let everyone have access, but it would bury me in support and support costs.

But I would love to… 😊
But I can’t… 😭
But I really want to… 😛
But I shouldn’t… 😔


I’ve created a patreon account. If you join you’ll help us cover these costs. In return it gives you early access to videos, early beta releases, and for the adventurous, you can even download the developer-only private beta release.

Yes, that means you can download Stacks 4 right now.
and, yes, obviously this does cost a bit extra.

I don’t expect this to be for everyone. In fact it’s probably just a few – and that’s perfect – limiting it a bit is the whole idea. But if you are passionate about Stacks we’d love for you to join in and come along for this ride.

Stacks 4 is getting pretty nice… 🤩
And I’m getting so excited!!! 🥳
And I think you’re going to love it. 😍

Warning: This really is a developer release. It really is buggy. And I really recommend keeping it away from important work. This should be used for testing only.
Download: Stacks v4.0.0 dev beta 20


@isaiah Thanks so much for the 5 Little Features video. Those are all cool and helpful additions. Now for the biggies! It’s clear you put a lot of care into the Stacks product and it shows. Thanks for everything you contribute to the community!


Thanks for the kind words. This is the fun part now. Onward to release.

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This is all getting very exciting!!

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Well, if those are the “little” things, then the big things must be truly extraordinary. Looking good.

But I must confess to being confused by the “do not publish” option. If you really don’t want an element to show up on the page in any format whatsoever, why include it at all? What is the purpose of having a stack and then telling it to get lost?

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Does it work in RW7?

That’s a perfect setting for testing new stuff 😃


I think the use case is for when you want to work on part of your design and want to “stage” some content that will be included at a later time. (e.g. a draft blog post)

There are definitely other ways to solve that problem – this is just one way. But there has been enough requests for this feature – and it’s simple enough to implement – and the UI is as easy as it gets. I was all out of reasons for saying, “no”.

Yes. Or, well, mostly. There is one feature absent. Everything else should be good to go.

Also: currently it’s macOS 10.12 compatible. We’re going to try to expand that to macOS 10.11 as well – but probably not immediately.

The one missing feature is because it relies on the RW 8 resource manager. The feature is “Site Images” – automatic image warehousing using the RW 8 resource manager. It really is a very nice feature, and a very good reason to eventually update to RW 8 – but there’s still plenty of other good stuff in Stacks 4 to keep you busy.


Very interesting. The new Class box should go in the big ones IMHO.

Now waiting for the 5 big ones.


Yeah, I think so, too. Only missing a classes editor then ;)

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I’m running RW 8.1.7 on OSX 11.6 just fine. No problems.


Maybe you mean Mac OS X 10.11.6?
As I said above macOS 10.12 is required. So you will need to upgrade at least to there.

We will try to add support for macOS 10.11 at a later date. We want to support that version too, but there’s a significant amount of work to be done. I did not want to hold up everyone else for the (now quite small) set of users.

News and Updates about Stacks 4 Beta Test


Fantastic, Isaiah! If these are the five small things, I can’t wait to see what the big things are! Brilliant work… looking forward to upgrading to Stacks 4.

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Add one more to the list. For reasons of CS6, I am still an El Cap user.

Wow. Amazing. I’ll do my best to broaden support where I can. 🤞


Come on, X=10. We all know that!

all I see, is that I can shift click multiple stacks - ( I think - but maybe I just dreamt it ) Id upgrade just for that :)

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