Stacks 5 Plugin - install hiccup (empty library), with resolution

Hi all,

I ran into a bit of a challenge when installing (upgrading) the Stacks 5 plugin, so wanted to share the issue and simple resolution just in case someone else runs into it or doesn’t find it elsewhere. I’ll preface by saying that I think it was due to the way I had addons set up, not a problem caused by Stacks itself.

I downloaded the Stacks install file to an “Installs” folder I use (not the RW Addons folder). Unzipped, double-clicked the Stacks plugin, Rapidweaver opened… and my Stacks library was empty. I closed RW and relaunched it, but no stacks. In the website file that was open, all pages were filled with missing stack errors.

In the upper-right of the Stacks page window, the version started with 5, and the new Stacks menu was there, so I assumed it had correctly installed.

I looked in the Addons folder, and there was a Stacks.rapidweaverplugin in the /Addons root – but it was version 4.2.5. In the /Addons/Stacks folder, I found the new Stacks.rapidweaverplugin, version 5.0.0. And within the /Addons/Stacks folder, there was now another Stacks folder, which was empty, and contained Externals and Templates folders, also empty. So it looked like this:

  • /Addons (root) : Stacks.rapidweaverplugin 4.2.5
  • /Addons/Stacks : Stacks.rapidweaverplugin 5.0.0; existing stacks
  • /Addons/Stacks/Stacks : empty; two folders (Externals & Templates) also empty

All my existing stacks were intact, in the /Addons/Stacks folder. But in RW, the Stacks library now pointed to the newly-added (and empty) /Addons/Stacks/Stacks folder – so it wasn’t finding anything there.

So, here’s what I did:

  • Removed the 4.2.5 Stacks plugin from /Addons folder root
  • Moved the 5.0.0. plugin to the /Addons folder root
  • Deleted the extra /Addons/Stacks/Stacks folder
  • Left all existing stacks in place, in /Addons/Stacks folder

Relaunched RW, and all is good – all my stacks are there in the library. Hooray!

I’m not sure where the hiccup happened; maybe I didn’t install the new plugin from the right place. I’m pretty sure it was due to a wonky setup in my Addons. But, nothing was lost, and it was relatively easy to resolve.

Thus endeth my missive, with glorious resolution. Mayhaps it will be helpful to someone.