Stacks-based Project Files

Hey everyone!
Stacks Basecamp project files are built for you to start from and return to when you need to get a project started fast! The project files are powered by Stacks and leverage the full power of Foundation 6, Total CMS, and SEO Helper to give you a solid base to start from. Whether you need to build a landing page or go full on and design blogs and galleries with staff bios or an online store, Stacks Basecamp has you covered.
Please feel free to ask questions and post comments about anything Stacks, F6, TCMS, or anything else you might have in mind. I’m a big fan of Star Wars, too. πŸ˜‰

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Hi Chris, the background you have chosen makes this post very difficult to be able to read it.

Wow! That was unfortunate! Not at all what I saw to do earlier. Thank you for catching that. I’ve been in rush mode and that’s the result.