Stacks jumping?

Maybe I’m losing it, but I’m sure stacks have started to jump around the page in edit mode.

I’ve not updated RW to 8.7 but have updated to S4.1. And I’ve noticed that the Stack version details are obscured (see image).

Is this a known issue?

I’m on Mohave. Happening on a few frameworks, so not framework specific.

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 08.58.36

I would eliminate the cause being a specific stack so maybe start removing stacks until you find what stack is causing it, if that is the case.

Done all that. It’s happening in pure UIkit, pure Foundry and pure Email.

The only thing i can relate it to, as the only thing to change, is S4.1.

I think it is related to a known issue with hidden stacks. There’s a beta to fix it on the Slack channel (though i think this fix is to get pushed out today anyway)

Ah perfect. Thanks. I’ll wait for a regular update.

This may or may not be related: If I miss-click somewhere on a page in edit mode, by miss-click I mean when I mean to click in position X but click in a slightly different place, perhaps not on a stack it element, RW crashes.

This isn’t consistent but has now happened twice in ten minutes. The same project so might be a project related issue. I updated to S4.1 yesterday and didn’t do much in RW until today.

I’ll tag @isaiah on this one, in case it’s not yet known.

Ive noticed since updating to Big Sur that if I accidentally double click on a child stack it moves itself - usually to the front of the child stacks. So the last child will appear as the first child

Update for me: This is super crashy. I’m lucky if I get 20mins of work done before it goes. No pattern. Just exploded a Partial and it’s gone!

I’ve been working on this project for six months, never been like this before today. So while it might be a project issue, it’s only been apparent in 4.1.

Time to roll back.

same here at the moment latest Stacks and RW upgraded yesterday but didn’t cure it - still on Catalina.
Stacks leaping across here there and everywhere even whilst simply selecting. It’s actually become really hard to use RW at the moment.
Crashing has reappeared, after quite a long time of stability.
Stacks v 4.1.1b3 and RW Version 8.7 (20860)

No crashes here since the last S4 updates.

Lots of crashes the past couple of days since S4.1 update. No specific trigger. Could be just clicking on a stack and app crashes. Have gone back to saving project every few minutes so I don’t have to re create a lot of changes. I have not noticed any jumpiness issues.