Stacks Plug-In beta release

Want to see all the latest goodies we have planned for the next big update for Stacks? Or hear what’s next for Stacks Pro the app coming later this year? Now you can!

We’re opening up the Stacks Plug-In beta release and our new Discord server to EVERYONE starting today. Anyone can download and install the beta, but this is a paid update – however there’s a hefty discount for registered Stacks 4 users.

The download is available on our new Discord server that has been private up until today. But we’re opening it up to everyone so that we can chat about the beta release, the new features like Smart Groups, and the Page Stats window, and all other things Stacks related.

If you’re not familiar with Discord, you’re not alone. In truth, I’m still a bit of novice myself. Discord is a chat system a little bit like Slack, but with some nice additions like forum-channels that make it great for posting questions – and yet even with all the extras, it somehow manages the trick of being a whole lot simpler.

Here’s the invitation link to the YourHead group. See you there: YourHead Software


Thank you Isiah!
Download, installed & paid for the update.
Cannot wait to start working with Version 5

Yes, thank you, Isiah, also got it and happily paid the fee for upgrading. Looking forward to see where this will bring us all :-)

Instant-buy! Love the Library’s more efficient use of screen real-estate on my MacBook Pro, and the Stats functionality is brilliant! 👍

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Instant upgrade/purchase. The best predictor of future performance, is past performance ! Ill put my money on @isaiah !

I’m not sure, but it seems to me that now, with stack5, RW8 won’t crash on some complex projects. At least until now it has opened quietly … it had never happened.
With stack4 it was a constant restart of RW because it closed too often.

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