Stacks4 with RW7 - dragging images onto a page

Any other RW7 / Stacks4 users seeing an issue dragging images directly onto a page. I get an empty stack called Site Image containing the message - Drop an image here. It isn’t possible to drag an image onto the Site Image.

The new Site images are only supposed to work in RW8 from my understanding. It uses the redone RW8 resources to store a single image that can be used in multiple places.
From @isaiah videos your supposed to get the old image stack with RW7.

That is exactly my understanding too. However, I see the empty Site Image stack and can’t drag an image into a page in RW7.

I did send a support email too Isaiah but I suspect he is pretty busy, so wondered if any other RW7 users are seeing this.

I just fired up the old RW7 release and with stacks 4 if I drag an image I get what you said. A site Image stack that won’t except images. There is no Site image stack appearing in the stacks library. I think you have found a bug.

Thanks for trying that.

@isaiah We got one.


It’s supposed to prevent Site Image stacks from getting created on RW7. They should also present themselves as “missing stack” in RW7 if you open a file that contains them.

And seriously, I swear this code was written and tested like two weeks ago. I’m honestly baffled. I’m wondering if the feature branch didn’t get merged or something weird like that. Crazy.

I’ll get to it ASAP – however RW7 is the ugly stepchild not, not many users, so i’m not sure if I’ll get this on 4.0.1 which is due out in the 24 hours or so.

In the meantime, if you’re using RW7 (OMG. WHY??? – jeez man, upgrade already! LOL) you should just drag an image stack to the layout and use that. Site Image stacks should never be used or edited in RW7.

Here’s the issue logged in the bug tracker. – if you log in you can follow that bug and know when it gets fixed and help me test when the update comes out.

Also: Since you guys are RW experts… if you want – it’s super helpful to me to get some of this info over to my bug tracker. Here’s the link to directly create a new bug.
Just click that, type whatever, and boom, bug reported – no need to “summon” me to the forum threads – now it’s reported and just has to get fixed. :-)

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That’s the bit that’s not working. I am not opening files that have any site images. I am just trying to drag an image straight into a page in a fresh new stacks page in RW7. Her’s a video of what is happening -

Because RW7 works fine, and I don’t see RW8 being bug free yet. Also I can’t see any reason to upgrade to RW8 as the new features are of no use to me.

I think what @isaiah is saying and I tested it and it works fine, is to First drag a standard Stacks image stack on to the edit area, and then drag the image onto the image stack.

Dragging an image stack onto a page does the same thing, i.e. it creates an empty Site Image stack.

I just dragged a YourHead Image stack onto the page.

This is what I got:

And then drag the image onto the image stack:

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Yes you are correct. I quickly assumed dragging a Stack Image was creating a Site Image because it looks slightly different in S4. It does work correctly if you drag in Stacks Image stack onto the page first. Thanks