StageDive and Quizzer

I’ve been developing an online training site for the past year or two using StageDive. Is is still supported? I’m noticing some strangeness when I view the site in landscape on my phone. It works fine in Portrait but in Landscape, it doesn’t display correctly. Viewed on my laptop, its fine. Also when I use Quizzer, the formatting is wrong unless I make sure Vertical Centering is off. But then all my slides outside of Quizzer are not centered. Whats the best way to make this all work?

Hello Richard,
Do you have a published site?


If you leave vertical centring on in StageDive then you can use this css to override it for the slide where you use Quizzer (just change the number 3 to whatever number your Quizzer slide is!):

.slides section:nth-child(3) {
  top: 0 !important;
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Oooh awesome thank you!

Just to clarify- the #3 would be changed to the slide number not the “slide id” which was confusing me. Thanks for the help. The landscape issue on my phone is still showing the site incorrectly. I’m going to disable some of the security there so it can be publicly viewed.

I just noticed today that “DEPRECATED StageDive”. I assume that means it was discontinued?

Deprecated does mean not longer sold.

Aww ok. I LOVE StageDive. That makes me sad.

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I figured out my problem. Turns out I had some code that was after the StageDive stack and it was displaying when I turned the phone in landscape. Once I removed that code, everything works properly now. Thank you for the help!

I’m sad as well

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Don’t be sad. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very successful sales vice.

It’s of course still supported.


Glad to hear that. It’s a great tool. I think it’s just got a limited market. But I’m glad it was made and is still supported.