Staging site help

I’m starting a site for an event. I currently have a landing page setup where people can register, but I need to build out the full site in the meantime.

Normally with a staging site I’d use a Page Safe stack and give the client a password but I can’t (I don’t think) use page safe and still keep the registration button from the landing page.

The other approach I’d normally use is put it on a sub-domain, but the landing page is already on a sub-domain (it’s Can I have a sub-domain of a sub-domain ( or will the internet collapse on itself?

If the sub-sub-domain doesn’t work, any other suggestions?

Why not use just another subdomain like

Because that sounds way too easy and logical.

The other thing I’m trying to keep in mind is not breaking all the relative links and blog setup. That works well when going from sub/staging domain to main/live domain. I assume that would still apply when going from sub-domain to different sub-domain…

Thanks Jannis. I can’t even blame lack of coffee or sleep. Just over-thinking and under-thinking at the same time.