Sticky content in LimeLight?

Tav, I’ve attempted every method I can think of stacks wise, to have a header that is “sticky” in LimeLight where there is scrolling needed. I’m guessing there is a legitimate reason it doesn’t work? Is it even possible?

Chroma pro can stick inside other containers - you would just need add a SectionsPro to target as the stick container (advanced settings).

Do you really mean sticky or do you mean fixed?

The other alternative is just to build your content as normal with any sticky solution that you like and import it into limelight using the webpage/frame limelight child. It will then behave just as it would on a normal page.

Hmmm… not sure. Want the save button and Header text to stay visible as you scroll down in limelight. Dont want to use the iframe as it doesn’t allow the LL to close out

not sure what you mean?

Well it depends where it is starting - if it is staying in the position that it starts then fixed. If it is scrolling normally until it gets to the top then sticky.

Chroma Pro will do either relative to its parent section. Just set the section to the same height as the LL window (default 100% browser) and allow it to scroll within.

I’ll try the trick of scrolling it first to make it sticky. I had it as the very top stack.