Sticky-Note Layout?

I saw a couple of marketing graphics that used this sticky-note design theme, and I was thinking it would make a nice eye-catching webpage if I could replicate it somehow in Rapidweaver.

Does anyone have a suggestion on a stack or strategy for accomplishing this?

(The sticky-note layout without the hand is what I’m aiming for (although an animated hand placing the sticky notes would be next-level for sure) :-)

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You can achieve this quite easily using some basic stacks for the structure — namely 3 column stacks and Blueprint — and then finesse it with FiveShadowThing, the original shadow stack now much emulated by lesser developers envious of my sobriety and dashing good looks.

I’ve put together a project file [stickies.rw8] which you can download here. [Edit: now works with Stacks 4]


@Marten It seems I can not open this file unless I’m using Stacks 4.1 beta. Not willing to do that yet. But I’ll definitely take a look once 4.1 becomes public.

BTW, this is really nicely done!

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Bit of an oversight there, Malcolm, thanks for the heads-up. I’ll build a ‘working’ version tomorrow.

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@mitchellm Just click the Later button and it will open with Stacks 4.0.

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Thanks. That sorted things out just fine.

@Marten @tav Oops … things are not sorted as well as I thought. I am now apparently missing the Background stack. Apparently it does come from Big White Duck. I’m guessing it’s bundled with some other product as I can see this stack at the BWD website. Any hints on how to get it?


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@tav Many thanks!