Store images, provide a link

Hi all,

I started using Alloy, a rellay nice Blog system from

To include pictures in blog posts, a simple URL of the pictures address can be inserted.

Now I need a way for my client to upload his pictures somewhere and get a URL of this picture in return which he can add to his blog post.

I need a simple solution - I do not mind setting up a website for him to do so. But what and which stacks to use? An uploader would be fine, but as of my knowledge it does not provide the URL afterwards.

Thanks for any suggestions :-)

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@Jannis Repository?


Yep. Repository.

You can do the same with Repository as with the Alloy editor. And much more, like storing images and getting a “copy to clipboard” link.

So convenient 🙃


@Fuellemann As others have mentioned Repository is the way to go. Makes it super simple for clients. And, of course, Repository need not just be used for images. If they want/need to upload other “stuff” then it works equally well for that.

Repository allows you to easily create subfolders: so that helps keep things organized.


Repository is perfect for this and a great deal more.

I am aware of Alloy, but don’t really know much about it, but is there not an image upload facility within Alloy that you can upload an image and then get the image URL from? Assuming images can be uploaded via Alloy, then you may be able to determine the folder structure of the images and then get the image URL.

Not trying to put you off Repository here at all because it is a great tool to have, but you may be able to do it with Alloy.

Also, if you have Repository and also Poster, then you have a massively powerful blogging system that will do pretty much everything with full access to warehoused images.


All right, all right. I did not look left or right, and bought Repository right away… :-)


Hi, it will take some time for Alloy to support image upload… and of course I go with Repository :-)

Set up of Repository is a breeze! It works brilliantly and my client can now use images in his blog :-) Thanks to @Jannis


@Fuellemann This is not your immediate need, but … Repository comes with a hidden gem: the Download stack. This means you can have folders where clients upload, e.g., a collection of PDFs. Then on the regular pages of the website you can place a Download stack which allows visitors to download any of the files in that folder. Quite a nifty way to share PDFs, zips, or anything really.

You can style as a Table, a List, or a grid of Icons.


I’ve used Repository to upload and Wil’s Paperless to display the contents of the folders I’ve uploaded to here