Storing projects & addons "in the cloud" update

This is an update to some of the recent discussions I’ve been involved in on here about cloud solutions for RW.

Like many, I’d been using Dropbox for years to store the RW addons folder and my projects on. Sync’d across multiply machines I’d never had an issue, until recently.

After realising DP was no longer going to work I switched to OneDrive, which appeared to work well, albeit rather slow to sync files, but that I was able to live with. It had a tendency to want to “process” all files every now and then but I put this down to an early settling in process.

Sadly things didn’t improve over time, in fact they got worse. To the point my MBP which was included in the syncing often ended up useless, as it was either always processing or had out of date files.

It also introduced an issue with RW projects where links to resources were constantly getting broken, even with the “put assets in project” option thing ticked.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and scrapped Onedrive; I’ve now moved to iCloud.

So far, so good. It’s way faster to sync than either Onedrive or Dropbox, and the asset problem is gone.

Time will tell, but perhaps Apple have finally worked out how to do cloud storage.


I’ve been using iCloud for a couple of years now without issue. I still use OneDrive but just as a target for Arq Backups.

Others have said they use OD just fine, but it’s been a nightmare for me.

I’m actually impressed, so far, with Icloud. I’ve tried all the versions of it since before it was called “cloud storage”. What were some of the old names… iDrive I recall, but sure there were a few before that. All were dreadful services!

One Drive works pretty well on my old iMac but it’s been pretty dreadful on my new MacBook Air. I’ll give iCloud a shot. I’ve gone to ‘premium’ payment tiers with both Dropbox and OD to no avail.

Though it does seem completely specific to these sandwich RW files. I’ve never had a problem with other file types (and Dropbox has worked perfectly for my wife for years). I wonder if the Realmac guys have ever investigated or asked Dropbox

Doubt they’d get a reply beyond the usual corporate-blame-shifting-with-excessive-use-of-annoying-words-like-reach-out etc.

Ironically, on my new iMac Onedrive was perfect, on the older iMac is was “OK” on the 2010 MBP it was a disaster.

I think a few pin-pointed the issue on the other thread: With recent OS updates Apple have changed things so most cloud services just fall over, this has most likely been added to all older OS’s too so as to encourage iCloud take-up.

Given the cost of iCloud (.75p a month for me for my RW stuff), you have to think they are simply getting market share and will eventually pump up the price.

I’ve been using iCloud for years now too. For me it has always been working and good.
If there is any way I always try to avoid Microsoft stuff i.e.: One Drive etc…

For my business I need my employees to have a shared library that updates on the fly. I tried iDrive, OD, Google and iCloud, Bitrix, pCloud and a bunch of others.

The only one that synced teams, has a user friendly interface and works flawlessly is

The interface is excellent, the app syncs every few seconds over devices and teams and is actually cheaper than iCloud annually. What’s even better is I only need one subscription and my team get to use it for free. You can email links of files to clients and the iPhone app is very user friendly.