Strange background/indent with FAQ2 (Doobox)

Hi all,
using FAQ2 from @doobox on this site, which is built with Platform from @juergenbarth, RWC 9.1.1 and Stacks Version 5.1.1b3 (6275), MacBook Air M1, Ventura 13.3.1

It shows strange “indents” on the sides (see screenshots), while FAQ2 is opened and/or closed.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-13 um 13.34.28

Anybody who can solve this mystery?
Thanks a lot in advance,

It does not show on my mac, in Firefox or Chrome, looks completely fine to me
M1 Pro - Macos 13.3.1

Thanks Kent,
I see it in Safari. Actually did not check Chrome or Firefox. Could be more of a browser hickup then.

I can confirm Kent’s report on my Mac, too: no problem with Chrome or Firefox, but artifacts show in Safari. When I change the browser width the artifacts disappear - looks like a rendering error ?! The web inspector does not show any object with such indentations.

Thank you Gerd,
looks like a rendering problem. I think its the platform framework (bulma) because I have other platform websites with rendering hickups (banner/hero) that disappear after changing window width …
Ok it is a minor ‘problem’ but aesthetically not pleasing. Lets see, perhaps we/I will find a solution. Thank you all for checking.

Yes, I also get that in Safari. Strange.