Strange problem with fonts

Hi, everyone,

Maybe someone could explain to me what might possibly be the reason for something very strange going on in one of my projects.

I use different custom fonts in that project. All my fonts include Latin-extended subsets.

All pages (about 250 of them) show Eastern-European characters without a flaw. Except one, where those characters are missing and substituted with generic ones belonging to the non-extended default font.

This happens in both Markdown (Source) and BWD Scribe. I use both of these stacks extensively throughout my project and they both work fine on other pages.

The problem occurs in Safari (and RW Preview which uses same rendering engine as Safari) but not in Firefox. Don’t know about Chrome, because I don’t have it installed.

All pages were re-published. The page in question is published as part of my family portal which is undergoing a remake. Of course, to see the problem, one has to view the Polish language version to see the Eastern-European font subset. What’s more intriguing, the same characters are rendered either as generic or as extended, for no apparent reason.

FYI, I am using Mojave 10.14.6, RW 8.6.2. Stacks 4.0.4, Source 1.4.3 with Markdown 1.0.8 and Scribe 1.1.0.

Here are some screenshots:

If I copy that paragraph and paste it. back into a new paragraph tag in the browser (which will also clean the text of any hidden characters) then the rendering errors seem to disappear - assuming I’m looking at the problem correctly.
From this initial test it would therefore seem that the text may just need to be removed, cleaned of hidden characters and then pasted back into RW. (I do this via something like sublime text)

This is the text pasted further up your page with the same font-vault-4 class applied. Does this look OK?

Hi, Andrew,

Thanks for a quick response. Yes, your screenshot looks OK.

I am not sure what hidden characters are you mentioning, though. Could you, please, be more specific?

FYI, routinely, if I do copy-and-paste text, I always use the Cmd-Ctr-V combination of keys, which clears all formatting during pasting in. Therefore, there should be no hidden characters. But in this particular case I’ve typed text directly (or at least that’s what I think).

I will go back to my RW project and copy-and-paste text from RW to TextEdit and back, to see if this will have any effect. I will post later with the result.

Following your hint,

  • I removed the text from my project and saved the project;
  • pasted it to TextEdit;
  • copied it from TextEdit;
  • pasted it into my project holding down Cmd-Ctr-V keys;
  • as an additional measure, I selected text in the project and used Clear Formatting command in RW.

The text still looked wrong, but I republished this page anyway and cleared the cache in Safari.

There was no change in the display of Latin-Extended characters. The mystery remains…

Of course, the keys used in pasting-in were Cmd-Opt-V not Cmd-Ctr-V. My mistake in typing.

Rob, I made a little video, perhaps try the suggestions of a paragraph or a fresh page near the end of it.



Thanks so much for sacrificing your time in order to help me. Your insight is very valuable to me. I will try to recreate this page from scratch with typing fresh text (no copy-and-paste at all). We’ll see what happens.

I will get back to you in a few of hours, because I have to leave home now.

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This issue is solved now.

All it took was deleting existing Markdown and Scribe stacks and replacing them with their new instances.

However, the reason behind this issue is still a mystery for me. I think the only possibility was some kind of corruption.

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