Stripe Checkout question

Is it possible to have a regular checkout button as well as a Subscription button on the same page?

If I have both buttons on the page, as well as both the Stripe Checkout Enabler and the Stripe Checkout Subscription Enabler, then I get a “fatal error: cannot declare class Stripe, because the name is already in use…”. If I remove the subscription enabler, the error goes away but I don’t know if it is required.

Is the Subscription Enabler stack required if there is another enabler stack already?

I have version 1.6.8

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Ahhh… probably not:

In the demo I have single purchase items on one page and subscription on the other

They use different enablers so only 1 enabler per page I’m afraid which means it won’t work. You can have multiple of the same kind of button but not mixed.

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