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Hello dear Rapidweavers,

I have a prospective project for a client.
The client has already purchased the Struct theme from Rapid Ideas and would like to use it.
On the Rapidweaver Forums website the theme is still available and says it is compatible until RW8. I tried to check the developer website of Rapid Ideas and unfortunately it says we are closed. Does anyone know if they closed completely or did someone get their business?
As I am writing already here, got some questions concerning the same project:
my client has RW6 on El Capitan and Stacks. She would like me to develop the website and after that do some small changes herself. Due to some work with other software she doesn’t want to upgrade at the moment the operating system.
I already upgraded to Mojave and RW 7 and RW 8 and the latest version of Stacks.
Does anybody know if she can upgrade to RW 7 or RW 8 running El Capitan?
I need to find a common basis for the client and me to be able to work on the project together.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi @Sharky

According to the official press release from Realmac Software, RapidWeaver 8 is good to use on 10.11 (El Capitan).

I believe all the RapidIdeas addons are now listed here:

I don’t know where support or updates for these addons are available. Christoph has a Twitter account, which you might be able to reach out to him via:

I don’t know if his messaging is open to the public on Twitter. But we both follow each other, so I could possibly reach out to him and ask if there is a better way for you to contact him.

This is his homepage and there is a contact form / email address towards the bottom:

Realmac has updated the system requirements for RapidWeaver 8 to MacOS 10.12 since the original press release. Some folks are reporting no issues, but Realmac “can’t guarantee 100% compatibility” with El Captain.

Do you know what software is “holding her back”? El captain (10.11) is 3+ years old, so it’s something that going to continue to give compatibility issues.
Many folks are “stuck” there because of older Adobe CC product, from what I’ve read there are work arounds if that’s the culprit.

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Hi @willwood,
thanks a lot for your information.
I will contact Rapid Ideas myself. In case I need your help, I will let you know.
Adobe software is keeping her back, that’s true. Maybe I can find a way for her to upgrade to Mojave even though it’s not really my business. As you know, normal computer users usually don’t try to get their items updated as easy as power users or administrators.
Hope you enjoy your holiday and wish you and your family a happy new year.
Best regards Sharky

I think the “base” RapidWeaver 8 works Okay with El captain. Realmac just is no longer supporting it. I know issues have happened with some plugins. I believe for example formloom 4 requires 10.12 or above.
Don’t know what new releases like stacks 4 will require.

I think El Captain (10.11) because of adobe is becoming Apples XP. Folks are getting stuck on an old release because they don’t want to subscribe to CC or find replacement products. Didn’t mean to suggest it’s your business, but as time marches on and OS releases continue, she’s going to have more and more compatibility issues and not just with RapidWeaver.

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Thanks for your opinion and information.
Seems like updates are overrated by admins where normal users don’t see a need. Just joking.
Happy holidays, happy weaving and a happy new year

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