Suggestions for a form... That can defo do this!

I need a suggestion for a form that can actually do what I need, not just the usual suggestions based on what people use with no idea if it can do what I need!

The form is for booking in bikes to a cycle workshop. I need to be able to gather the usual details, plus have a field for the name of the bike, then a drop down selector (or similar) that we can add the services available to.

All fairly straight forward so far.

It then needs to have time slots that can be booked. And once a slot on a day is booked it can no longer be booked by someone else.

I’ve system that can handle the time slots, and it’s easy to make a form that can handle the data gather, but it’s proving difficult to bring both those together in a single solution.

Someone recently posted on online service (that I can find now) aimed at hair dressers but the requirements were the same. Maybe Google it.