Suggestions for client password manager app

Can anyone suggest good client password manager app that can handle domains, FTP etc ?

You could try this:


1Password does it all, however I find it a bit fiddly setting up various accounts for FTP and cPanel etc, because everything is stored separately. It requires quite a bit of mental organisation to set up perfectly and not miss anything important. In theory everything could be stored in one place though as a secure note.

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There might be something suitable here

I use and like Enpass - it’s reasonably priced, no subscription and syncs across devices.

I think I’ll have a look at Enpass, since I see it can import data from 1Password. I am still using 1Password 6, which is basically fine, however it doesn’t work with Brave and I’ve been reluctant to go down the subscription route.

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Thank you @jabostick and @ashleykaryl for recommendations! Definitely gave good options to think about :)
I ended up with Domain Genius for I like that it’s a single payment and that it gives instant snapshot of available info. Love it also that RW is int tech info by default along other platforms :)

I use Lastpass when I send logins to clients - it’s free, and platform independent, so it doesn’t matter what computing device they use on their side (since most are on Windows…) It has a nice “share this password” feature that makes it easy to share individual logins (and notes)

For personal passwords I have used 1Password forever, but I can’t force clients to pay for a new password manager.

Thank you, will check it out!
Kiitos :)

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Safari 13 was released today and that killed off the browser extension from 1Password 6.8.9. That’s a problem…

I basically have to consider the 1Password subscription route or alternatives such as Enpass or Bitwarden. I’ve been using 1Password for 10 years now across Mac, Windows and Android so it has to work well across all platforms and sync without issues. It also needs to import all the existing data without glitches.

I’m not sure I understand. I use 1Password 7.3.2 and I don’t need to pay for a subscription. I don’t know about Safari 13, but I’m pretty sure 1Password will provide an update. (I don’t know this for sure and I have not updated to Safari 13 yet.)

It is true that they “encourage” you to go the subscription route, but so far there has been no need to do so.

Presumably you bought the standalone licence for 1Password Mac if you have no subscription and I’ll have to check on that. Agile are doing their best to push users on to subscription deal.

You should be fine, but users of 1Password 6.8.9 have just lost all access to the browser extension if they upgrade to Safari 13, which I did without a second thought.

Since I operate Windows, Mac and Android I need to give this some serious thought because they all need to be in sync and future proof. The only semi viable alternative is switching to FireFox as my default browser, then I can stick with this version of 1Password.

Okay, I’m checking my old emails. It looks like I needed to upgrade to 1Password 7, and I did so at a reduced price since I have version 6. I did the upgrade in March of 2018. I have the version just for the Mac, but I you must be able to upgrade whatever license you have to 7.

I don’t remember but their website may have been to opaque about this. If I remember correctly I had to email them about the possiblity of upgrading (without subscription) since, at the time, I saw no obvious way to do it on their website. But that was all 15 months ago and my memory may be a little off.

It looks like you can upgrade to a standalone version through the app, but I’m struggling to even find the price online at the moment. They really want us on the subscription deal, so the money keeps rolling in.

I also gather the file format changed, so upgrading to version 7 on the Mac alone wouldn’t solve the problems. I am not overly fussed about Windows but I want changes made on the Mac to be available on the Android phone when I am away from the computer. I really like 1Password, but they are making it hard to avoid looking at alternatives.

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. I’d just email them. It is crazy they make it so hard. I believe @dave had a similar experience fairly recently. He might remember better than I how to resolve the seeming confusion about upgrading without a subscription.

If you download 1Password7 then you get the choice to pay for a standalone license instead of the subscription. You do not get shared vaults and it is only valid for the device type on which you purchase it (as far as I understand) - i.e. you can use it and sync all your Macs but not Windows computers and not mobile devices.

I resisted moving over to the subscription but I finally did so this year. 1Passowrd is excellent and is an app I use all the time. For myself and my wife the “family” subscription is much cheaper than paying for multiple licenses.

For an app that is so useful I don’t mind paying a subscription.


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Everything Tav and Mathew said. I’ve owned 1Password for years - always the iOS and Mac stand-alone versions. I can’t remember why, but they had a deal going on a couple of months ago that made the first year of a subscription half off (I know, they’re roping people in). As my wife and two of our kids have long wanted a password manager, I finally jumped to the subscription model. (It IS possible to roll backwards at the end of the year, if one wants to). One of our kids won’t touch anything made by Apple (go figure), so he’s a happy Windows and Android 1Password user.

As much as I detest subscription models, I think this one is worth it. I agree with Andrew- if it’s useful, then it’s worth it. Which is why I love iTunes in the cloud - and I don’t mind forking over $10/month for Photoshop/Lightroom.


I might check on this with Agile, but in the UK it looks like this is £5 a month + VAT for a family. Add that up over 3-4 years with possible price rises and this starts looking pretty expensive for a password app. That’s not a reflection on the quality of the product, simply an observation on the running costs compared to alternatives like Enpass or Bitwarden.

Really - £60 a year (mine was £57.21 this year) as a business expense for something that is key to operation in the digital space?

I would say that is good value considering the product quality and longevity. How much will it cost you in time to manually re-do all the entries every couple of years as the other apps come and go due to lack of revenue.

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I signed up for the 30 day trial and so far it just seems confusing as hell. No autofill when I want to log into a site. When I come here for example and click on the browser extension it offers me all the logins, rather than the one for this site.

I somehow stumbled into my account using Brave and was immediately prompted to migrate everything to some new account. Now there is a message saying some or all the items may not have migrated. None of this makes a lot of sense.