Suggestions/ideas for a "private" calendar for website

I’ve little website here: for a holiday rental property. It has a full booking system sorted that works well.

There is a cleaning team who go in between bookings, and for them I need to create a private page on site that they have access to, on which there is a calendar with the same bookings as the booking calendar, but more info that can be added, detailing further info about the upcoming guests and their requirements.

The obvious option is to run something like a Google calandar and embed it, but I’d rather not expose guest info to a third party like Google, instead I’d like to use something like a calendar stack, where the info is only held on my server, or something else entirely.

I’m open to suggestions and welcome the input of anyone with ideas.


If you haven’t already, take a look at Scott Williams’ ‘StacksCal’: StacksCal by StacksAppStacks |


Oh, that’s seems rather nice.

Do you know if it can be displayed in 24hr clock, not am/pm?

And… If I add a note to an entry, I’d assumed it would be visible on the public side by clicking the entry, but it don’t seem to be the case. Do you know is if this poss?

Thanks for the find. Looks on the face of it perfect.

Edit: And cna entries be colour coded?

(I realise I should ask the dev this stuff, and have sent him an email, but I’m wondering if you have the stack and use it.)


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No, don’t use it myself, but became aware of it a few weeks ago.

How about a 3rd party tool like TidyCal?

I think it does not display 24 hr clock. I was using it for a short while but had to stop using it due to this. It may have been updated though.

I’ve looked at Tidycal before, for other uses. It does seem good, but not really suitable for this application.

Yes, the dev did reply to my email about it only being in 12hr. Not ideal, as in Spain it’s all 24hr, but I can live with it.

I bought it earlier and have built out the pages as required, and it’s really rather nice to work with. Extremely simple to set up.

Although after I set it up I did realise that it’s in US date format: MM/DD/YY. I did spot this mentioned in the details, but misunderstood it (I thought it related to the demo not the stacks themselves).

If I can’t get it changed to DD/MM/YY it’ll be a deal breaker, as it will introduce the potential for errors in reading the dates. So I’m hoping the dev is able to change it and I won’t have to pull it and look for an alternative. Fingers crossed. :-)

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You’re just a little too late as the sale closed recently but the Trafft app would have been a good option.
So how about PHPJabbers a couple of people are raving about?

All of what PHPj and most others do is way OTT. I’m not looking for a booking app but a simple online calendar. I’m not familiar with Trafft, but it too seems OTT.

Thanks though.

Hi Kent. I heard back from the dev yesterday. He plans to so some work to the stack in the next month or so (he said few weeks, but I’m hedging!), and the date layouts and 24/12hr thing is going to be looked at.

So hopefully both our request will be covered soon.

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That would be wonderful

Can StacksCal handle Google cal feeds?

… and a yearly overview, you could scroll through would be nice, too ;o)
Switching from on month to the next, back and forth, doesn’t give you a good event map over the year.

Heads up to those interested: The StacksCall plugin is now updated to offer customisation of the date and time.

If you have it run updater, if not, details are here: StacksCal by StacksAppStacks |

I’m not connected with the dev, just grateful that he was able to update the stack so quickly after i contacted him about the matter discussed above.