Summer SALE (Shaking the Habitual)

Hi All,

While the sun is still shining in Glasgow I thought I would launch our Summer Sale! Lot’s of great discounts available on all of our products:

  • 30% off any individual stack, project or course (including the Source Addons, Grid Enabler stack and all the Academy projects and courses)
  • 50% off our Source Academy Bundle (including Source, Source Addons, 2 project files and 2 full video tutorial courses)
  • An additional 20% off of our Stacks Bundle!

Find out more about all of the deals here

We only have 2 sales a year - this one and Black Friday. Our Summer Sale ends on 21st June so don’t miss out!


Hi Stuart, I’ve been round and round the site but I can’t find the Grid Enabler stack anywhere. Got a link?



Hi Rob,

Yeah - it’s maybe not as findable as it should be. Is available with the other Source stacks here:


FYI, I tried to purchase the Popper stack via Safari, and was unable to get the purchase links or cart to ever work, with or without ad blockers on two different computers. I finally bought it by using Firefox, but when I went to pay with PayPal, I never saw a way to add the discount code. When I clicked on the button in Paddle that said that I would have a chance to still review my order, it placed the order anyway. Not impressed with either behavior, as I view little details like this as signs of reliability for a developer.

You are able to enter discount codes at the Paddle checkout in the last step before the payment.

Blaming the software developer, because the payment provider might not work as expected on every browser, is not impressing.


Have refunded you the 30% discount now. I have zero control over how Paddle/Paypal operate during checkout.