Super basic question

I want the background black the text white.

So… I select the text then I go to the colors button below. Select white. OK all good

Then I go to preview.

I see the background has become that color not the text.

: <

Can you tell us what page type you’re using? Stacks? Styled Text? Some other kind of page type?


Hi @pacman7293
Welcome to the forum.
As Rob Beattie states, we need a little more info about your page.
Which theme are you using?
Are you using Stacks or an RW default page-type?
without such info, no-one will be able to offer advice…

What might be happening here is an age old ‘bug’ in RW where you select a colour option in Theme Styles and then, having changed that, you adjust a colour outside of the theme styles (say text). The previously selected option in Theme Styles remains selected and gets changed also. This occurs because you can’t deselect a colour option in Styles - you can only select another one.

If this is the case, the only thing you can do is to reset the background colour in Theme Styles and then deselect it by clicking on another unused theme style. The unused setting will change colou but that doesn’t matter as it’s not used.

I recall flagging this back in RW5 - seems there’s nothing to be done about it.