SVG / Infinity Designer help needed. Again :-)

I’ve got a PNG file that I want to turn into an outlined SVG, or vector file for exporting from Designer as an SVG.

This is the PNG…


By outline I mean I want to end up with something like this…

Anyone able to help, much appreciated.

You can’t simply convert an image like that into an SVG like the one you are trying to create.

However, there is an FA5 Boxing Glove icon which you used to be able to download as an SVG from FA. Not sure if it’s available or whether you have to download FA6 these days.

I know, it’s why I’m asking for help!

Just PM’d you.

Thanks for the PM, but they are just regular generic boxing glove icons, I’ve loads of those. I’m trying to get an outline icon/SVG/vector/whatever based on the png above.

I’ve sent it thru various apps to convert it to a vector, and some are getting close, with or without some additional editing in Designer, but nothing is close enough. Hence I’m asking for some help to create a vector file based on that PNG.

Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

This is the output from SuperVectorizer 2 if that’s any help. It will need tidying up though.

I woudl use existing icons, reshaping as appropriate, align them like the logo you are trying to create, colour and add the text.

All depends exactly what you are looking for, but the one you linked to at svgrepro, looks to me like a generic SVG shape with a stroke.

Ohh, that’s far better than the output I got from that app. What settings did you use?

And thanks! I think I can work with that.

I just played around with the 3 sliders to try to reduce the noise and still get a full outline.

I did try that myself, but just couldn’t get anything close to what you got, the edges were always “jagged”.

Anyway, thanks for that, I’ll get to work tidying it up.

Something like this:

Threshold = 43
Smooth Lines = 232
Reduce Noise = 6

That’s odd, cus this is what I get…

OK, looks like I need to flick between preview and render for the render to completely finish. Must be a bug somewhere.

Thanks again.

Yes, those sliders seem very sensitive. I can’t get rid of that ‘drag and drop’ icon overlaying the image, but I’m sure it didn’t used to be like that.

I’ve just checked their website and v2 is still the current version. Not updated for a very long time though I think?

I think you’re right.

Yup! SuperVectorizer2 is pretty good.