Tab or FAQ stack that can have individual links

This is related to the question I asked yesterday … but details of that post are not important for this question. Does anyone know of a tab stack or FAQ stack where individual tabs/FAQ items can be targeted?

I have a design that will contain 8 “components” (either tabs or FAQ items). What I want is to be able to individually link to specific tabs or specific FAQ items in terms of links from further up the web page. In my case I’ll be using an image with 8 “hotspots” and I’d like each hotspot to link to, and open, a specific tab or FAQ item.

Possible? I know at one time this was possible with at least one stack but it’s been a long long time since I’ve tried this and nothing is ringing a bell amongst the stacks I have.

Maybe this might be a stack you look for: @willwood TogglePlus | Stacks4Stacks

To target anything you need an id for it, but the converse of that is that anything which has an id can be — theoretically, at least — targeted. I’d probably go about this task with Stuart’s excellent ‘Splider’ (which I can’t praise highly enough). Splider allows you to allocate different ids to slides, and then to use anything which can link to an id as a button to summon them. Of course, Splider is a slider, rather than a tab stack or an accordion. But it is also a bit of a chameleon, and with a little ingenuity it should be possible to get it to do what you want, swapping content in and out of a space without looking like a slideshow.

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Well that’s weird. As just today I’ve made a little FAQ section using @Jannis Poster 2. I opted for it becuase i want to be able to link to individual FAQ items and the have a nice clean (friendly) URL.

I’ve just finished it and added a couple of FAQ items. See it here: Casa Elana Torrox Townhouse Frequently Asked Questions - Discounts

If it works for you, and you either have P2 or plan to get it, let me know and I’ll rip it out of the project and send it over.

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@Juergen @jamessouttar @TemplateRepo Thanks to all 3 of you. It will take me some time to go through these 3 options. The good news: I have all 3 stacks already!

I had completely forgotten the name of TogglePlus … I was searching for “tab”

Splider I have never considered. And, yes, Stuart does a great job with his products. I don’t know if this will be good fit for my needs but I’ll play around with it. I have Splider v1. Is there anything about v2 that’s really needed for my use case?

@TemplateRepo I couldn’t really view/use the page you provided. There seems to be a very light gray overlay to it. I can’t click on anything. Not sure what the problem is … perhaps it’s something stupid I’m doing. Here’s how the page looks to me:

Oh, that’s concerning. It looks like the cookie manager overlay is there, but not the cookie manager box.

I’ll investigate. Thanks.

EDIT: I think I can see the issue, try this link: Casa Elana Torrox Townhouse Frequently Asked Questions

Another option would be to trigger the launch a modal (I’d recommend Limelight from BWD). That would work well for your scenario i think as it opens in place instead of having to take you elsewhere.

Poster 2 is actually the perfect FAQ stack. I am using it on for example. Not only because it is providing a full text search, and categories.


@Jannis That’s good to know! Very flexible stack indeed.