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Hi everyone, I would like advice on how to set up an rw page.
I have a text that ends with some tables to be displayed, the columns of these tables are at most 5 and should remain in a row as in the pdf file that I attach, so that the reader can compare the numbers in the columns (I mean in a fairly large screen , then in an ipad they can very well remain one below the other), each table will have a title that the reader will have to understand that it is the title of the 5 columns.
For now I have put the pdf file to download, but if I would like to write or reproduce the table on the rw page, how could I do?
Do you have any idea?
It is not something I have to do, but I would like to understand how to do it, I have tried but without satisfactory results.
Use of Poster 2.


Use a table stack like Table Builder?

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Thanks, now I try the demo version, it could be the solution. Thanks again.

There are others but I think this is a good solution. Easy to use and the tables look good.

it’s perfect, thanks

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