Tags not showing commas or wrapping Poster 2

Poster 1 (Tesla Theme) Tags wrap and show up correctly. Test Poster 2, the tags do not wrap or put the commas in… thoughts. Talking about HTML tags in far right columns.
Poster 1 here: https://matrixmoments.com/index.php
Poster 2 here: https://matrixmoments.com/about/draft/index.php

Also: Lot of work to recreate everyone of these features to put all Poster 1 into version 2. My workflow - create copied entry from previous, paste in stacks into main content and header, manually add tags, change categories. No particularly quick ways to redo tags etc.

Compare these setting with the Poster 1 settings.

It’s documented here that an automatic migration is not available: https://support.instacks.com/poster-stack-2/?post=migration

I already have these settings the same as my poster 1 settings. Hmmm…

Then you have to send me the project as zipped archive.