TalkTalk lead singer has died

Mark Hollis of TalkTalk has died, they were a really really big part of my music listening in the 80’s. I didn’t realise how big until I went and listened to the ‘Its my life album’ just now and kept going "oh that one!’ and “wow, I forgot that bit!”


That is a bummer, that was a great 80’s band.

And we’re still the 51st State of The USA!

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Was that TalkTalk or TheThe, Marten?


They weren’t on the radio much in Los Angeles, but got a chance to catch them live and they rocked the crap out of the place. Also on the ticket were Screaming Trees and Howard Jones. And Jonesie was the odd one out that evening.

edit: Just remembered that Flock of Seagulls were the headliners and also rocked the joint. Great show all around with some Howard weirdness for an unplanned intermission.

Yes, you’re right. It was TheThe. Damn fine song, though.

I remember seeing TalkTalk on the same bill as Bing Hitler - now the talk show host known as Craig Ferguson - Simple Minds, and The Waterboys.

Waterboys were a helluva band, too. Love them. Also, TheThe are one of my all time faves.